Sure, contact me for these things

  • You are a vocalist and you want to collaborate. You don't have money but you have a great voice and maybe a solid idea for a song somewhere in the Melodic House, Deep House and Dance Pop arena.
  • You want to offer me a genuine label deal, not just take my money.
  • You want feedback on your track.
  • You want to offer a publishing admin deal, I am looking for something like that.
  • You want to play one of my tracks on a radio station or mix it into a DJ set and you need a high quality master file.
  • You want to give me money.

  • Do NOT contact me

  • For promotion deals
  • If you offer payed placement on a playlist (I will forward your offer to Spotify, they will take your playlist down!)

  • How to contact

    Send me an e-mail! My first name is lars and my e-mail domain is the same domain as this website. You can put this together right? (I am not spelling it out to prevent bots from finding it and spamming the hell out of me.)

    I do not respond to messages on Soundcloud or Distrokid.

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