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"Into The Oblast"

(When Will You Be Home)(feat. Brunetti)

Released: November 03 2023
Genre: Melodic House, Progressive House, Melodic Techno

Dark, melancholic and dramatic house track by Sub Caesar at 122 BPM.
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Release history

It Causes a Rush to The Brain

release date: 11-08-2023
genre: Tech House

Groovy, bouncy House in the style of Mau P
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About Last Night

release date: 10-02-2023
genre: Tech House

Groovy, bouncy and quirky Tech House
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Creatures in my House

release date: 21-10-2022
genre: Tech House

Scary but fun and upbeat tech house track by Sub Caesar at 124 BPM.
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Do You Like Our Owl

release date: 8-07-2022
genre: Deep House, Melodic House/Techno

Deepish House track (some say this is Melodic Techno), capturing that Blade Runner SiFi atmosphere. The inspiration for this track actually comes from a scene in that movie, as referred to by the track title.
Featuring UK based vocalist Chloe Kay.
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release date: 8-07-2022
genre: House

Sexy and fun (Tech) House featuring UK based vocalist Chloe Kay.
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Just Let Go

release date: 08-04-2022
genre: Deep House

Dark, industrial and bass heavy track featuring UK based vocalist Chloe Kay.
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Love Drunk (feat. Krysta Youngs)

release date: 02-01-2022
genre: (Dance) Pop, House

Fun and upbeat pop track with lots of vocal chops and lyrics by US based vocalist Krysta Youngs.
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PUSH! (Back and Forth)

release date: 21-09-2021
genre: (Dance) Pop, House

Bouncy dance pop song full of vocal chops and samples.
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Sub Caesar selects ..

These are some of my favorite tracks. It is a blend house styles - tech, deep, melodic - that I actually use as reference tracks for my own productions:

Early years :-)

Crypto Crash

release date: 30-06-2021
genre: House

Fun track predicted the fall of crypto way back in 2021!


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